Module Introduction


  • Watch the Intro Video segment
  • Read through the Lecture Notes
  • Complete the Film Journal assignment
  • Use the comments section to ask any questions you may have about this lecture

Lecture Notes

Weekly Intro Videos

Each of our Modules (or Sections) will start with an Intro Video. We will use these videos to:

  • Reassess where we are in our overall study
  • Clear up any questions that have come up since the completion of our last module
  • Introduce the concept we will be focused on in the module
  • Map out how the module will tackle the topic at hand

Film Analysis Journal

As part of our study, students will be compiling a Film Journal throughout the course. Film Journals will be divided up by each module presented. This will be where a student's Film Analysis assignments are kept, giving them a record of every film and film sequence screened during class. Other assignments and other course materials will be compiled here as well.

In addition to providing students with a valuable resource for further film study, the Film Journal will also provide assessment opportunities for instructors or parents that students are working with.

Weekly Preview Questions

Students will use the following document to develop three questions related to material about to be covered in the upcoming module. These questions will be added to their Film Journal. I find it helpful if students approach their study primarily from a place of inquiry rather than a place of duty.

Preview Questions.pdf