Instructor Review: Preview Module


  • Watch the video segment
  • Read the review notes below
  • Review your Preview Questions from earlier in the module

Review Notes

In this Preview Module we focused on the following:

  • Modules will function as the weekly format for the class
  • Modules will consist of a series of "Lectures"
  • "Lectures" will consist of videos, assignments, reading materials, lecture notes, online screenings, and offline screening instructions
  • We will use the class to find out more about what movies are, where they came from, how they work, and how they shape what we feel and think
  • Students will create and maintain a Film Journal for the course
  • The course will require students to rent or acquire approximately 30 films over the course of the class (potential cost of $75-$100)

Review The Preview

Look back at your "Preview Questions" assignment for this module in your Film Journal. Are you able to answer those questions now? If not, or if you have additional questions about the material, use the comments section below to ask them.