Offline Screening Assignment: This Week's Feature Attraction


  • Watch the following video segment
  • Screen the the 1941 film "Citizen Kane"
  • Complete the Film Journal Assignment
  • Use the Comments Section to ask any questions you may have about the assignment

Offline Screening Assignment:

  • Print out and read over the Film Journal assignment below
  • After reading the assignment, screen the 1941film Citizen Kane in it's entirety
  • Complete the Film Journal assignment (this may require a second viewing of some sequences from the film, so plan your time accordingly)

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Screening Recommendations

While this film contains very little offensive language, no onscreen nudity, and no graphic violence, the subject matter and themes are very heavy. Corruption, attempted suicide, infidelity, and domestic violence are all tackled in this fascinating character study. If you were considering using this film for family movie night, keep in mind that it may prove too dark (and a little boring) for younger children.

Film Analysis Assignment.pdf